How to Make a Daily Routine For Yourself

If you want to start having a bit more control of your life and you think creating a new routine with a daily schedule will help you, then look no further, as today, we will be discussing how you can make a daily routine for yourself that will help you start some healthy habits to elevate not only your mental energy levels but your physical levels as well.

Creating routines that work with your personal life and work life can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you live a full life and have a family to take care of as well.

Whether you are looking for just a morning routine or a consistent weekly routine that you can stick to, we have a range below that will make you want to push your current routine out the window.

Why is it Important to Create a Daily Routine?

When you have a daily routine, you plan out things that are essential to you and that you need to get done each day.

Your daily routines will incorporate morning routines as well as evening routines so that you can have a well-rounded day that helps you achieve what you need to, and will hopefully, provide you with some free time at the end of the week which you can spend with your family.

A daily routine helps with daily life without you feeling overwhelmed when it gets to the end of the week.

It can make you feel happier and healthier as you won’t be running around trying to fit things in, plus, if you are ahead of schedule, you can get a leg up on your weekly routine which may include cleaning chores, work meetings, paying bills, and so on.

Your routine and schedule can work as one, helping you complete daily tasks without them bunching up.

It can provide you with strong self-discipline and stop bad habits from developing.

How to Make a Daily Routine For Yourself

You’ve been pulled in and you want to know just how to make a daily routine for yourself that will have you fit into your daily priorities and get you to complete one task to the next.

Below we will break it up into two sections, a morning routine and an evening routine.

You may already do some of these, but it doesn’t hurt to see how you can tweak them to fit in with what you are looking for.

A Daily Routine is Not a To-Do List

With a daily routine, you set out what you need to do each day, whereas a to-do list may just be for that one day, and you seem to be constantly adding to it time and time again as more stuff comes up.

To make this easier on you, you may want to create a weekly to-do list specifically for that week and then create a daily to-do list for that day from your weekly list that will help you still do your routine, but also add on the extra in your free time.

This can stop you from feeling overwhelmed as busy moms normally will do if they are handling a lot of the tasks by themselves.

It may take you a few weeks to really get into your routine, but having a routine means that you need to stick to it to make a difference in your life.

So, let’s jump into it and see how a morning routine can be created to fit you.

Morning Routine

Wake Up Early

You may have thought that the first thing in the morning we are going to be talking about is eating breakfast.

Nope, we are starting from the moment you wake up, and if you are someone who likes to hit that snooze button a bit too much, then this is for you.

Waking up early has a lot of benefits, and it has been said that high achievers are early risers.

During those hours when many people are asleep, you can prepare for the day at your own pace without having to worry about stepping on everyone’s toes or fighting to get into the bathroom or grab some food.

Think About Your Bedtime

You can train yourself to wake up early, and do it bit by bit.

Don’t just set your alarm for 4/5 am whilst still going to bed at the same time, your body will be crying out for sleep and it will make you feel dragged down and put you off.

Match it with going to bed earlier and avoiding all stimulating distractions so you can wind your brain down in enough time.

People have said that rising early has helped them with increased productivity, with one study noting that morning-centered individuals have reported higher levels of well-being and positivity.

Get Out of Bed and Make it Right Away

It will make a huge difference when you get yourself out of bed and start making it as soon as possible.

It stops you from getting back into it so you are not wasting your day. See it as one of those important tasks that you have to stick to daily to help you with your routine.

It can make you feel pride in what you do, which can help you with completing other tasks throughout the day.

Generally speaking, starting out strongly first thing in the morning can be very beneficial for you and your mindset.

It is a little thing, but the little things in life matter, and if you just spend time straightening up, you won’t see it as a chore.

Do a Daily Affirmation

Starting your day with a positive statement about yourself will help set you up for a good day.

You may wake up already feeling fed up or filled with anxiety which can make you start your day with negative thoughts which aren’t going to help you.

Reframing how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself will be a good way at making your subconscious mind change from negative to positive.

Some Daily Affirmations

Here are some examples of positive affirmations that can help you feel better about yourself each day.

  • I am going to be my best self today.
  • I am doing everything I can to make this day a good one.
  • I am confident in myself and my work.
  • I won’t be negative about myself today.

Visualize what you want to happen during the day, and feel confident in yourself that you can do that.

Eat a Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast

You can’t start your day right if you do not have a good breakfast that feeds your mind and your body.

Stay away from highly processed foods and focus on foods that will keep you energized and ready to take on the day without a sugar crash a few hours later.

What Your Breakfast Should Consist Of

If you are stuck on what you should be eating first thing in the morning, then here are some ideas that will help you make the best decision for your first meal.

  • Healthy fats such as nut butters and seeds, are rich in Omegas without weighing you down.
  • Lean proteins including Greek yogurt and eggs will fill you up and they can satiate you for the start of the day, stopping you from reaching for more food.
  • Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal or wholegrain toast will have a good balance of fiber as well as protein to fuel your body.
  • Fruits rich in vitamins, or vegetables if you want a savory breakfast, will help you with achieving your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

It is best to have a mix of different foods each morning so you don’t get too complacent.

You can create a daily breakfast schedule for each day, and when it gets to the end of the week you may want to switch it around for the next week to keep things fresh.

Do Some Physical Activity

Starting your day with exercise can wake you up and contribute to a healthy lifestyle which is important if you want to lose weight.

It increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and will strengthen your body.

There are a lot of positives when it comes to exercising, this is why adding it to your daily routine would be a good option for you if you feel sluggish and want to wake yourself up in the morning.

What Should You Do?

There are a lot of exercises you can do in the morning that doesn’t take too long such as HIIT workouts which can last only 10 minutes, or, you may want to start off slowly by just going for an early morning walk and taking in that fresh air.

Evening Routine

Once you get to the end of the day, you should hopefully, have achieved everything you wanted to in the morning and during the day, now is the time for you to get yourself ready before going to bed.

Prepare For The Next Day

If you have a lot to do, then you will want to prepare properly for the next day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and you aren’t having to deal with it first thing in the morning.

Think of the most important tasks you need to do, and put them at the top of the list, then work your way down to the least important tasks which can be done when you have some spare time.

The ones that are a main priority can be done within the week, and the ones that are less so can be achieved over the coming weeks without it impacting your schedule too much.

Think About What You Have Achieved Today

We can focus a lot on the negatives of our day, but, if we take a step back and look at what we have achieved, it can make us feel a lot better about our accomplishments and we won’t be feeling like we have failed.

We all have bad days, and sometimes those bad days happen consistently. It would do us all some good to give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have achieved in the face of a bad day, even if it is just something basic.

Tidy Your House Up

If you have been working from home, or even if it was a day off, then you have probably accumulated some clutter around you. Now is the time to tidy it all up so it is not there for you to do tomorrow.

Even just 20 minutes of shaping things up will make a difference and it won’t be playing on your mind for the next day when the next lot of clutter starts building up once again (it is bound to happen).

Clear Your Mind

Before putting your head on your pillow, it would be a good idea to clear your mind to stop you from tossing and turning all night.

Many prefer to meditate before sleeping, some may smoke some cannabis that they can find at or a similar site, while others prefer to do some light reading. These methods may help them have a clear head, and could help you as well.

Regardless of what you choose to do, however, you’d want to make sure that you clear your mind so that you do not spend the next few hours thinking away.

A good to address your thoughts is to write them down in a notebook or speak to someone about what you are feeling so you can get it all out there without holding on to it and building up negative thoughts.

Whatever helps you calm yourself down and get ready for bed.

Go to Bed Early

As mentioned before, early to bed means an early riser which can get you ready for the day.

Go to bed earlier and earlier each night, put away your phone an hour or two before, put your lights on low, and either read or listen to some music to calm you down.

Sleep is incredibly important to help our bodies function, so do not take it for granted, and always try and get in 7-9 hours each night.


Are you ready to start your new routine? After reading through this article, you should, hopefully, be able to create a routine that suits you and your daily life.

It will be a bit tough to start with, but with these tips, you should be able to make a good go of it.

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