About Arnold

Arnold Lawson:

Hello and welcome to Arnolds Concepts a page filled with fun and cool ideas! I cooked up this blog idea when I was bored of doing the same things day in and out and basically, I got stuck in a groundhog day situation. Well, I thought writing about some of the things I love would give me the motivation to get up and start doing them again!

I work as a financial consultant and it can be a little stressful and dull from time to time so doing this blog will give me something creative to do with my spare time. I enjoy fitness and sports, cars, DIY projects, as well as so many other things, which I will also be discussing in this blog. The last DIY project I did was building a set of bookshelves for my niece, I built the structure and then we all painted it rainbow colors to match her unicorn-themed bedroom, she absolutely loved it and I’m always being asked to build more things for her bedroom! So, hopefully, by doing this blog I’ll be more motivated to get back into my workshop and start building! 

Another thing I am obsessed with is cars. I want to know how they work, the best classic cars, how to keep the car maintained, and so many other things! My friend owns this gorgeous classic car shop and sometimes lets me take them out for a spin, there is no better feeling than rolling down the street in a Cadillac or something similar listening to some old-school music, and pretending like you’re in a 50s movie! I will be talking a lot about cars in my blog because it is something that I am extremely passionate about, so I hope that you are too?! 

So I hope that you enjoy the content my blog has to offer and have fun reading them!