Best Uses for Your Spare Room Space

Unfortunately, not all of us have a spare room big enough to hold a second, third, or fourth bedroom. But if you’re lucky enough to fit in an extra bedroom, you know it can be a great place to stash some of your stuff. It can be a useful guest bedroom, a place to store your hobbies, a craft room, or even a home office if you’re self-employed. Sometimes, though, that spare room becomes a dumping ground. There’s stuff in there that you don’t know where it goes, and it’s getting harder and harder to find what you want when you need it.

You have a spare room. It’s empty. You have no set plan for it, but over the years, you’ve collected a few things. It’s cluttered, covered with old clothes, stuffed full of boxes and tires. It’s time to get rid of those things. Your spare room is the perfect storage place. Transform it into a home office, craft room, workout area, or hobby room.

Here Are the Best Eight Uses for Spare Room Spaces
  1. Home Office – This guide is for you if your spare room has become a dumping ground. Home offices have come into the modern interior design vernacular. They’re not just for doctors anymore. The home office can be a space for you to focus on your professional identity, or it can be a space for play and creativity. Either way, it’s going to need some organization.
  2. Guest Room – If you need additional space in your home, a guest bedroom may fit the bill. Having a guest room or two doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You can set up the room with the necessary things like a bed, dressing table, some focus lights, and of course, a furnace for heating and cooling. Consider contacting a company like Brooks Heating and Air in Manassas or in your area to tune it up and make it so the heating is distributed equally to the spare room as well.
  3. Fitness Center – If you are lucky enough to have more room than you need, you may be looking for ways to fill the space. Many people use their spare rooms as guest bedrooms or home offices. But why not turn it into something more functional? A fitness center can be the perfect home exercise room if you have a spare bedroom. It sets up quickly, and with a little planning, it’s an affordable option to start a healthy routine.
  4. Art Studio – Art studios are the new studios, and more and more people are enjoying the benefits of having a space dedicated to creative endeavors. Whether you enjoy painting, working with clay, drawing, scrapbooking, or photography, art studios provide a quiet, comfortable, and inspiring place to create. A spare room is a perfect place for an in-home art studio since it offers ample space for storage. It is close and convenient to your bedroom and bathroom, therefore, it is easy to access.
  5. Music Room – For many people, the spare bedroom feels more like a catchall than a space that can be put to productive use. But with careful planning, you can turn the spare bedroom into a music room serving multiple functions. Since music rooms are typically used for music, you merely need the room, a music stand, and a stereo to set up. If you are planning to play an instrument as well, such as a keyboard, you can also consider looking into piano stools or benches to improve your music room aesthetics and comfort. You can also get creative (and save money) by repurposing old furniture as shelves for sheet music or keyboards. In this way, you can turn a cluttered spare bedroom into a peaceful and inspiring music room with a little elbow grease. If you like jamming, then you can even turn the space into a jamming/man cave and let your friends come over for a session together. Hang some cool neon signs up on the wall (check the Neon Mama site) as part of the decor, and you’re all set.
  6. Playroom – The playroom is the room where kids can play, and kids’ imaginations can run free. It’s where they can be kids and where adults can leave them alone. Kids’ playrooms can include anything from giant building blocks to dollhouses to anything in between.
  7. Movie room – There are lots of ways to use that space other than as a dumping ground for all your extra items. You can turn it into a home theater, craft room, sewing room, playroom, office, guest room, or above. The key is not to overthink it. Just clear it of clutter, and go from there.
  8. Devotional room – If you are somebody who follows the youth ministry curriculum, then you can turn this room into a devotional space. It is definitely a great idea –instead of just gathering boxes of books, games, and other miscellaneous items, or storing extra furniture in your spare room, creating a devotional area for your Bible study and prayer time could take you closer to the Lord.

Your spare room can be another room in your home or a separate area. Sometimes, homes come equipped with multiple spare rooms, while others have only one. Whatever the situation, your spare room can be a home office, a guest room, a kid’s playroom, a craft room, a reading nook, or a craft room.

It’s nice to have a room with a purpose. A spare room can provide a valuable extra space for family members, guests, quiet reading, home-schooling, and hobbies. If a room isn’t used for a specific purpose, it is more likely to be neglected. Not only will a furnished spare room be more pleasant than an empty one, but it’ll also add value to your home.

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